AC Servo JUNMA Serisi Sürücüler


Easy to use Servo Concept Junma

Servopack Type: SJDE1 AC 200V – 230V, +10%/-15%, 0,1kW – 0,75kW

Servomotor Type: SJME
1 AC 200V – 230V, 3000 min-1, 0,318Nm – 2,39Nm, 100W – 750W

JUNMA-Servo-Series-SJME-SJDEJUNMA similarly uses the world’s toplevel servo technology to provide a quick and efficient setup. JUNMA is a modern concept of digital servo drive technology that requires no parameter settings and gain adjustments to achieve high-precision positioning.

JUNMA’s simple Plug’n Play design, easy set-up procedures and high precision characteristics offer optimum drive performance and efficiency for any kind of application and industry.

The JUNMA Mechatrolink-II network type servo drive can maintain steady operation at high speed by automatically adjusting the speed to compensate load change in real time. JUNMA ML-II easily connects every servo drive with the other (up to 16 axes) and enables start-up and control using one cable.

JUNMA occupies 30% less space than comparable drives in the market and remarkably reduces start-up and installation time.

JUNMA’s ready-to-use features for highspeed, high-torque, and high-precision operation are ready to work for you.