Direct Drive Servomotorlar


Rotary Direct Drive - Powerful Simple

Compact drive systems with high torque and high accuracy.

Servomotor Type: SGMCS
3 AC 230V, 150min-1 - 200min-1, 2,0Nm – 35,0Nm, 42W – 550W

SGMCS-04C3B11 SGMCS-04C3B11-2 SGMCS-04C3B11-3

The Sigma direct-drive series from Yaskawa provide higher torque and accuracy than conventional servo systems. Using a direct drive with enhanced torque at speed characteristics improves precise positioning without any slippage and backlash and simplifies machine configuration and maintenance. These features make the Sigma direct drive system the best choice for a wide range of applications.

SGMCS-Medium-Capacity-Rotary-Direct-Drive SGMCS-Small-Capacity-Direct-Drive
SGMCS Medium Capacity
Rotary Direct Drive
SGMCS Small Capacity
Rotary Direct Drive

High positioning accuracy

  • High-torque operations are realized without gears with an instantaneous peak torque of 6 Nm to 600 Nm
  • High-speed operations reduce the cycle time. (Maximum motor speed : 250 min-1 to 500 min-1)
  • High-precision indexing of 1,000,000 pulses per rotation (P/R) is available. High-resolution encoder(20-bit):1,048,576P/R
  • No backlash results in high-precision, high-speed operation with short settling times.
  • High accuracy in torque control is enabled by current control algorithms with conversions for the d-q axis.

Simplified adjustment, and maintenance

  • The size of the drive section in the machine is reduced because of the motor design.
  • Less space is required for installation because hollow space in the motor can be used for wiring and piping.
  • Smooth and noiseless drive
  • Use of a serial encoder reduces the amount of wiring.
  • The gearless drive requires no maintenance for lubrication or any inspections for wear and tear.
  • Speed, torque or positioning control is enabled via parameters changes.