Sigma-5 Büyük Kapasiteli


Güçlü ve Akıllı


Servopack SGDV
3 AC 230V, 50/60Hz, +10%/-15%, 22kW – 37kW
3 AC 380V – 480V, 50/60Hz, +10%/-15%, 30kW – 55kW

Converter SGDV-COA
3 AC 230V, 50/60Hz, +10%/-15%, 22kW/37kW
3 AC 380V – 480V, 50/60Hz, +10%/-15%, 30kW/55kW

Servomotor Type SGMMV
3 AC 230V, 800min-1 and 1500min-1, 22kW – 37kW
3 AC 400V, 800min-1, 22kW – 45kW
3 AC 400V, 1500min-1, 22kW – 55kW

The strongest Sigma-5 line-up ever! Newest Sigma-5 servo drives increase speeds and improve performance with cleaner, lighter and more compact equipment. Easy to use and easy to set up with Sigma-5 high standard of excellence.

  • Separated converter
  • 30% smaller than Sigma-2 amplifiers
  • Supports newest Sigma-5 functions and optional modules
  • 20 bit serial encoder
  • Compatible with a wide variety of reference interfaces
  • Compliance with Global Standards

The Sigma-5 Large Capacity Motors and SERVOPACKs extend the power range to up to 55 kW. With the Sigma-5 Mini starting from 3.3 W the Sigma-5 series is suitable for a stunning broad range of applications. There is just one toolset for various applications needed, making it easy to scale similar solutions to different requirements.