Sigma-5 Seçenekleri


YASKAWA provides an interface for network as well as motion control.

Motion Control Indexer, MP2600iec
Network EtherCAT, CANOpen, Powerlink
Safety Options Advanced safety
Feedback Options Fully Closed Loop

Sigma-5 Command Option Attachable Type : SGDV – xxx x Ex A

The Sigma-5 Command Option Attachable Type servo amplifier has a superlative performance and is very simple to start-up. In addition to the Sigma-5 Analog/Pulse and Mechatrolink versions the Command Option Attachable Type servo amplifiers have further strengthened the characteristic of outstanding expandability.

By installing an INDEXER command option module or the integrated controller MP2600iec it is possible to increase the functionality of the Sigma-5 servo amplifiers. With the communication command options such as EtherCAT, CANopen and Powerlink it is possible to configure SERVOPACKs compatible with networks that are suited to industry needs.

Sigma-5 series command option attachable type SERVOPACK are available for rotational and linear motors in the range of 1-phase 230 VAC, 50W to 1,5kW and 3-phase AC 400VAC, 500W to 15kW

As a safety option "Advanced Safety" is also available to reduce operational and machinery risks.