Silindir Tip Servomotorlar (Sigma-Stick)


Servomotor Type: SGLCWSigma-Stick-Direct-Drive
17 - 180 N (Rated Force)
60 - 840 N (Peak Force)
4.0 m/s (Peak Speed)

With the recent addition of a cylinder-type linear servomotor to the linear series of linear servomotors, integration time is reduced and an even wider selection is available.


Sigma Stick Technologie

Comparison with Ball Screw

  • Ultra-low maintenance
  • No lubrication oil necessary for ball screws means extremely low maintenance and cleaner operation.
  • High-speed Operation
  • Attain high speeds (max. speed: 4 m/s) and reduce tact time. No ball screws means no speed limit.
  • Improved Repeatability
  • Has fully-closed loop control combined with a linear encoder for improved repeatability.


Sigma Stick Operating Mode