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Energy Saving Drive Package

SPRiPM Motor & YASKAWA V1000 Inverter Drive


SPRiPM Motor & V1000 Inverter Drive

The SPRiPM Motor-Inverter Package was developed to support machine builders in meeting the power efficiency levels defined by EU directive 2009/125/EG. The package is a perfect solution for applications such as fans, pumps, conveyors, compressors and delivers high efficiency levels at reasonable cost.

Motor-Inverter package SPRiPM with V1000: A winning combination

  • Less energy consumption
  • Less space
  • Less cost
  • Less weight
  • Less CO2 emission
  • Easy change over
  • Longer lifetime

Re-designIdeal Solution for Retro-fit and Re-design
Being much lighter and smaller than most standard motors, the SPRiM Motor delivers its high efficiency in a very compact frame size. In addition, standard motors can easily be replaced with SPRiM Motor packages without redesigning the machine. Even more powerful motors can be applied for better productivity. With these features, the SPRiM Motor makes the latest drive technology available for new or existing applications.

 Package Combination for Quick Install & Simple Set-up