IEC programlama ortamı ile MP2300Siec / MP2310iec


Number of controlled axes:
4-8-16 axes


Machine Controller MP2310iec & MP2300Siec

Governed by internationally standardized functions, the MP2300Siec and the MP2310iec are machine controllers with a potent motion engine at its core. A built-in web server is included and the machine controller is compatible with international network protocols.


  • Communication Protocols – Open standards EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP to connect to many HMI and PLC in the market.
  • Standard Programming Languages – IEC61131-3 standard for efficient software programming and handling
  • PLCopen Function Blocks – YASKAWA developed the Motion Control interface MotionWorks IEC to comply with PLCopen "standard"
  • Programmable Amplifier Outputs – The controller can operate local amplifier outputs. This reduces panel cost and space requirements when just a couple of outputs are necessary.
  • Reusable Code – Libraries enable importation of previously developed logic.
  • Controller-Centric Commissioning – The MECHATROLINK motion network enables machine configuration from a single location with one software tool. Using self-tuning abilities of a servo system commissioning time is greatly reduced.
  • A Multitude of Options – Choose from ten option cards offered for the expansion slot to accommodate most machine requirements