AC Servo Motorlar için Dişli Kutuları


Ultra-Precise Gears meet High-Performance Servo Motors


YASKAWA Gearboxes for Sigma-5 Servo Series

YASKAWA provides packages of gears and servo motors together with our partner SPN. Carefully selected servo motors are teamed up with two types of perfectly matching gear boxes to offer an easy-to-use solution for various applications.
In addition to the gear boxes in combination with our servo motors, our partner SPN also provides milled and grinded racks and spur gears for even more specific tasks. This provides an outstanding range of solutions for every day’s tasks of machine manufacturers.

Perfectly matching Gear and Motor
A broad line-up of gear boxes that perfectly matches the various motor characteristics.

Scalable to suit each Demand
Motors with rated torque from 0.159 to 224 Nm provide the power you need for your application.

Lifetime Lubrication
No need to shut down the production plant to add grease. The gear boxes are lubricated to last a lifetime with ease!

Plenty of Combinations for Gearing
No matter if you need speed or torque - the gearing options provide solutions for many different needs and applications.

Silent Operation
With up to only 70 dB(A) the ECO series keeps noise at a low level. The Pure series reduces noise pollution even more with max. 65 dB(A).

Cost Reduction
Getting motor and the matching gear from just one supplier helps you keeping the supplier list short.